Injured from the Commercial Vehicle Accident? Get Help with a California Professional Lawyer

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a commercial vehicle accident, you need an experienced trucking lawyer on the case as soon as possible. Having the right attorney to represent you ensures that you receive the financial compensation you deserve to help you through your recovery and treatment. You may be entitled to compensation that will cover medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, funeral expenses, and other damages.

Personal Injury Law Group has obtained significant settlements on behalf of clients throughout California against negligent commercial drivers and motor carriers.

Experienced California Trucking Attorneys

Personal injury claims involving commercial vehicles are complex. Valuable evidence may be lost without a knowledgeable attorney acting quickly on your behalf to preserve it. Litigation or pre-trial negotiations can mean taking action against companies with headquarters out of state. Your attorney will need to apply Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to the facts of the case and stand up to skilled insurance defense attorneys.

Commercial truck accidents often result in catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims. Trucking companies spend a great deal of money and resources to have an “accident response team” of legal, technical, and medical experts on call to investigate the accident and medical issues. Immediately following an accident, their team works to build a defense against injury claims and liability due to negligence of the motor carrier or possible truck driver error.

The trucking lawyers at  Personal Injury Law Group are experienced in all aspects of commercial truck accident litigation, including commercial insurance, truck engineering and design, medical impairments and injuries, accident reconstruction principles, and the complexities of federal regulations.

What Qualifies as a Commercial Vehicle?

California law defines a commercial vehicle as any motor vehicle or combination that a business uses to transport passengers or property and weighs at least 10,000 pounds, or any vehicle that is more than 26,001 pounds. Commercial vehicles also include vehicles designed to transport hazardous materials or at least 16 passengers. Fully loaded, these vehicles can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds:
  • 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, and semi-tractor trailers or trucks
  • Delivery trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • City / metro buses
  • Private tour buses
  • Construction vehicles and equipment
Proving who is Responsible in Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Depending on the facts surrounding the accident, a personal injury attorney at  Personal Injury Law Group will investigate the potential liability of one or more of the following parties:
  • The commercial driver, who can be an employee or contractor of a trucking company
  • The trucking company, who may be a contractor to an even larger company
  • Any third party, such as the manufacturer of hazardous materials the truck was carrying, or a third party maintenance/mechanic worker who was responsible for the safety of the vehicle.
Each potentially liable party will have a different insurance company or policy, and each insurance company will try to minimize the amount they award you as compensation for your injuries.

NOTE: No matter how caring and sensible a trucking company representative or insurance adjustor may sound, do not speak to them if you are involved in a commercial vehicle wreck with one of their drivers. Always refer them to your attorney and never provide them with any of your doctor’s bills or other paperwork. Insurance providers are only interested in the evidence most favorable to their defense and will flip information against you to prevent you from receiving maximum compensation. They may also attempt to offer you an unfair settlement that they pass off as an attractive deal.

We Know the Value of a Prompt Investigation

Preservation of evidence is critical in commercial vehicle accidents.  Personal Injury Law Group will immediately requisition any documentation following an accident. Our accident attorneys work with credentialed experts who assist in determining the cause of the accident and identifying all responsible parties in order to advocate for the fullest financial recovery.

Accident Lawyers Challenge Commercial Trucking Companies

Challenging a commercial trucking company and its insurance adjusters and attorneys is no small endeavor. However, with a bold and knowledgeable trial lawyer representing you, you can win the maximum compensation you deserve.

Commercial vehicles are often highly insured. Trucking companies, insurance adjusters, and their attorneys go to great lengths to minimize your claim. Many times, the businesses care less about the innocent victim in the case; even if it means hiding or destroying evidence, some companies do what they believe it takes to avoid liability.

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Unfortunately, every year, many people experience personal injury accidents and suffer from serious physical injuries that alter their way of life. With our lawyers' professional case handling experience and ability to master all the details of legal liability will clear any doubts and questions regarding how much compensation you could get after the injury. Personal Injury Law Group has successfully resolved hundreds of personal injury cases and recovered millions of dollars for clients.  

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